Clever Caterpillars 3-5's

Our Clever Caterpillars are getting ready for school! The preschool room is setup to look similar to a school classroom environment. On a daily basis we focus on phonics, mathematics and literacy, this is to prepare your child through the next chapter in their little life! Everyday children are provided with high quality resources which are stimulating, interesting and educational. The team in preschool room is there to support your child’s learning and to prepare them for moving onto primary school. The preschool room also has a free flow system and again has a separate decking area which is open each day allowing our children access to freely explore both indoors and outdoors at their leisure, encouraging independence and a desire to learn through self-chosen activities. Children discover new experiences and new language through exploring and experimenting, for example through playing with water your child will be learning about volume, weight, property changes from solid to liquid, as well as sharing and negotiating. At the end of each day our staff will give you verbal feedback on what your child has been doing throughout the day.

The staff ratio in the Clever Caterpillars room is 8 children to 1 adult.