Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have parent’s evenings?

Yes we have regular parent’s evenings where you are welcome to come and discuss your child’s development with their key person. We will also discuss with you your child’s next steps and how you can help them with these at home. You will have a chance to look at your child’s scrapbook and staff will answer any questions you may have.

Will you potty train my child in the Little Ladybirds Room?

We are a dedicated team and we always want to work alongside parents to ensure that the best is being done for your child. We have had many parents who have started to potty train their child as young as one! So yes, if you would like us to help your child with potty training please discuss this with their key person.

Can I book in extra sessions for my child if needed?

Yes absolutely. If you require a session on a day that your child does not normally attend, depending on space availability and correct child to adult ratio you are able to book in for extra sessions or hours.