Here at Feversham First Steps we provide nutritious wholesome food catering for all tastes and diets. Our menu is complied by our caterers and a nutrionist ensuring there is a good balance. Our nursery is catered for by a professional team who are well trained in producing the high standards of food required using fresh ingredients.

The chefs are regularly trained to maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene and in the procedure, preparation and cooking of meals.

If our children do not like a particular meal we will change it and replace it with something else. Children are encouraged to eat fresh fruit and vegetables everyday as well as incorporating it into the meals.

We offer a hot lunchtime meal and a lighter tea. There is a vegetarian option available everyday.

Mealtimes are a perfect opportunity for children to practice their socialising skills. Children sit in small groups to enable each child to gain those valuable interpersonal skills making mealtimes an enjoyable experience. Table manners are demonstrated by staff that sit with them.

Full details of your child’s food intolerances or allergies are recorded as part of the registration process, we will cater for these and have put stringent processes in place to ensure your child is served the correct meals