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Little Ladybirds & Clever Caterpillars

We offer bespoke provision for both our 2 year olds and pre-school children. This boasts a fantastic range of resources from cars and trains to ICT equipment.

These two rooms are adapted according to children’s interests, abilities and seasonal learning targets.

All our children are able to access both indoors and outside at their leisure encouraging independence and a desire to learn through self chosen activities.

Staff are there to support children’s learning and prepare them for the transition to the next room or moving onto primary school.

Everyday children are provided with high quality resources which are stimulating, interesting and educational.

Children discover new experiences and new language through exploring and experimenting, for example through playing with water your child will be learning about volume, weight, property changes from solid to liquid. As well as sharing and negotiating.

We display children’s work along with photos so you are able to experience first hand what your child is learning. Newsletters are sent out regularly to inform you what has been happening at nursery and what will be happening in the following months. You will also receive a scrap book for your child, this will include photos, your child’s work and wow moments so you can see what they get up to at Nursery.