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Baby Butterflies

Our babies are very important little people who are changing and learning new things everyday and with minds like sponges now is the time to offer as many new experiences as possible through exploring and using all their senses. Staff will stimulate your baby’s curiosity through using both the indoor and outdoor environments as well as using both natural and manmade resources.

We are able to accommodate up to 10 children per session and each child is uniquely catered for by focusing on their own needs identified by their key carer.

Every child throughout nursery will have a communication book it is used to write down your childs daily routine and what they have enjoyed as well as being a useful tool for you, i.e. if your child has had calpol through the night this can be written down to ensure we know or if your child has shown a particular interest in something over the weekend we can then continue this in nursery.

Observations are carried out and assessed and then activities are planned to enhance your child’s knowledge and experiences.